Carole Orchard

  The role that VON plays in reflecting the philosophy of  the nursing profession is phenomenal.  That is in supporting patients and their families wherever they are in helping them to achieve their greatest level of health possible within a caring and respectful partnership. VON's wrap around services that meet the physical, social, and psychological needs of so many people in the community is inspirational. These stories are shared by those whom are 'touched' by the commitment VON staff and based on the many, many stories of VON program impacts on their lives.  VON truly is committed to keeping people in their homes, with their chosen 'family', and in their communities so that they can have the highest quality of life possible.  YOu can help support VON in their fundraising to maintain all there programs and support for those in need through the Run, Roll, and Walk event to be held on June 24th.  Your contributions will help to keep such programs available to all who need them while also supporting VON in purchasing needed equipment and computerized systems to ensure VON staff are there to meet people's needs. As a nurse I am always in awe at the commitment of the staff in creating both meaningful and professional relationships with those they continually work with in making their lives better.  Please help with a donation to my walking at this event to support such services. 

Dr. Carole Orchard, Vice President of the Middlesex-Elgin Community Corporation and Professor, Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing, Western University.