After 24 years, the VON Trivia Challenge is going virtual for 2020, presented by RBC Dominion Securities.

We hope you will join us in an evening of fun facts and cash prizes all in support of VON services and those who rely on them to Live Every Day to the fullest.

Your generous support ensures that individuals in our communities have access to high quality home and health care programs and services through VON.

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VON Virtual Trivia Challenge Info:


Anyone can join and play from anywhere.

Play as a team of one or an unlimited number of team members. (Your place in the standings will be calculated by the accuracy and speed of each team members answers.)

Students registering with their school email address can request a promo code and save $10.


Purchase your game ticket for $25 via today and be sure to include your correct email address.

One week before the event, all participants will be contacted and asked for their team name so it can be pre-loaded into the Trivia Game Portal. (If one person is registering the entire team, they will require a separate email address for each player)

The morning of the event (November 13, 2020) each participant will receive their personalized login link to the Trivia Game Portal via their individual email address.

Game Registration will open up at 6 pm (EST), 7pm (AST) on November 13th with the Game set to begin at 7pm (EST), 8pm (AST) . Please plan to register before 7 pm through the link provided using your Name and Address (in order to receive prizes by mail.) You will also require your email address and your team name (previously provided), which can be selected from a drop-down list.

Supporting your local Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) site:

When you register on the night of the game, you will be asked which VON site (in Ontario or Nova Scotia) you are supporting and you will have the opportunity to select your local site from a drop-down list.


Once you are registered on the site, grab your snacks and a beverage and get ready for the fun to begin at 7pm!

The Virtual Trivia Challenge:

The Game will include 10 rounds of questions from various subject areas, targeting a diverse audience. Questions may include photos, video clips, sounds, etc. Please ensure that your sound is on during the game.

Each participant on your team will be required to provide an answer for each question through whichever technology they are playing. (Computer, tablet or cell phone) Scores will be determined by the accuracy of the answer combined with the time to answer and team scores will be averaged by the number of players.


There will be a prize at the end of each round for the individual player with the most accurate and fastest average for that round. (Prizes will be mailed out after the event)


Game prizes: (shared between the number of members on your team)

1st Place - $2500 (CDN$)

2nd Place - $1000 (CDN$)

3rd Place - $500 (CDN$)

All team progress will be shown onscreen throughout the game.

Please note: Ticket purchases do not qualify for a tax receipt as each participant is provided with equal opportunity to win a prize.

Questions? Please contact

Get your team together or play on your own and brush up on all things trivial.

Thank you for your generous support!