Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together (SMART®) & Falls Prevention

Trained, certified VON volunteer/staff instructors lead high, mid and low mobility exercise classes for seniors as well as adults with a disability. 

SMART, an hour long exercise class is facilitated by a certified senior fitness instructor who has been trained to the standards of both VON Canada and the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging, University of Western Ontario

Besides the prescribed components of Cardiovascular Conditioning, Strength Training, Muscle Endurance, Balance/Power and Stretching/Relaxation there is also an educational component which focuses on the main reasons for falls and appropriate intervention strategies to reduce that risk.

SMART is offered at no charge to participants. Please contact your local VON for a list of classes that are available in your area or visit

This program is available in the City of LondonMiddlesex and Elgin Counties.

Why it Matters

Keeping active is just one way to ensure you stay healthy and independent longer. This program shows you how to be safe, keep moving, and improve strength and balance at any fitness level.

Contact us for more information on our SMART Exercise Clinics.